Włodzimierz Głowacki

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  • commercial agreements in general
  • company law
  • finance, banking
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • real estate, construction

Professional certification

Legal Counsel

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  • Master of Law, legal counsel

Professional career

  • In the years 1994-2000 research scientist of civil law, commercial law and insurance law at UAM in Poznań (Poland).
  • Since 1996 has worked on legal services market as a partner of law firm
  • Since 2003 as a founder and partner of law firm „Głowacki i Wspólnicy”, which operates as limited partnership.

Arbitration experience

  • Arbitrator of Arbitration Court in PIIT;
  • Arbitrator of Arbitration Court in Polish Chamber of Commerce;
  • Arbitrator of Arbitration Customer Court at chairman in Office of Electronic Communications.

Membership in organizations

  • Chairman of the Supreme Appeal Board of Polish FA;
  • Member of the Association for the Protection of Industrial Property in Interantional Associatinon for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and the Association of Competition.


  1. Dismissal responsibility of sports clubs – on example of dismissal regulations Polish FA;
  2. How properly issue a bill of sale? – publication in Rzeczpospolita;
  3. Whom the Directorate-General provides support and whom already can not help – publication in Rzeczpospolita (Law and Practice);
  4. Dependent and independent members of supervisory board – publication in Miesięcznik Kapitałowy;
  5. Investor has to underwrite debts subcontractors – publication in Rzeczpospolita (Law and Practice).